The Krotzer Family Homestead: Sourdough

Since my Annie-and-the-Chickens video was a big hit, I thought I bring you another video with the cuteness of my son Benjamin. This month, I’m showing you my homemade sourdough!

Many of you may share my love for the taste of a commercial sourdough bread. Admittedly, I was a little disappointed to discover that real sourdough in my experience does not have that same flavor, but this is still a delicious bread. There are many advantages to sourdough bread: no need to have yeast or baking soda on hand, its simple, and there are claims to better digestability even for people with gluten sensitivities (I first heard this claim on a Wise Traditions podcast… but just Google it).

I started doing sourdough 2 or 3 years ago and took a hiatus, coming back to it in July or August of this year. It is a little bit of a chore to feed it twice a day, but you can slow down the fermenting by putting the mixture in your refrigerator. I have done this while I am away. But I came back to it with good reason– give it a try! Enjoy our video!