Wrightsville Housing Inventory

The geek in me loves looking at numbers and statistics on home sales and breaking it down in a number of ways.

Based on home sale data from February of 2011 until February of 2012, Wrightsville Boro has LESS inventory on the market relative to Eastern York School District on the whole and York County on the whole.

Wrightsville has 4.2 months worth of inventory on the market. This means that if no more houses were listed for the next 4.2 months, the current inventory would sell out, statistically speaking.

Eastern York School District has 8.4 months of inventory while York County has 8.1 months of inventory.

What does lower inventory mean? Think of it this way:

You have 1 Honda Civic for sale
There are 3 buyers out there willing to buy a Honda Civic RIGHT NOW.

How is it going to affect your asking price if there are

a) 1 other Honda Civics for sale, OR
b) 25 Honda Civics for sale?

I believe these low inventory levels will stabilize prices in Wrightsville in an economy where prices have been dropping. In Eastern York School District, home sale prices have dropped 23% since 2007. Click here for RAYAC’s year end statistics.

There are currently 8 active listings in Wrightsville Boro.

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