York City Gates Project

I received the following letter from the Realtors Association of York and Adams Counties:

“Dear City Savvy Realtors,

The City of York has received funding to install gates in the West End area (blocks listed below). The purpose of the gates is to reduce the amount of crime in our targeted area. The gates will be absolutely, 100% free to the homeowner. The only thing that the homeowner needs to do is grant permission by signing the permission slips. Kinsley Construction will be measuring and making the gates and the York Home Builder’s Association in conjunction with Habitat for Humanity will also play a huge role.

Use this information to your advantage while helping to support and protect the community, as well as to show support to the City of York Police Dept’s initiative.

400, 500, 600, & 700 West Princess

400, 500, & 600 Salem Avenue

600 & 700 W. Locust

400, 500, 600, & 700 W. King

400, 500, &600 W. College Ave.

1st Blk. 100, & 200 S. Belvidere

100 & 200 S. West St.

200 S. Grantley

1st Blk. 100, & 200 S. Hartley

200 Green, Cedar, Neater

1st Blk. 100, & 200 S. Penn

400, 500, & 600 W. Market St.

For more info, contact Iris at the York City Police Dept. 718-849-2254.”